Tuesday, 1 March 2011

With this impending rush of golfers to the

As more and more people began to play golf while on vacation, it is becoming more challenging to actually find a good course to play visit http://www.maryjames.tv . One good place to play a course that summer vacation where it has become necessary to find the item in Myrtle Beach, Fall is here and the Myrtle Beach golf rates industry is booming. Heat and humidity are falling as fast as the summer crowds are leaving. With its average temperatures hovering around seventy five degrees, the Grand Strand area is perfect for a golf vacation.Even with rising golf rates and threats of hurricanes, golfers will flood the fairways and fill rooms left behind by families on summer vacation.
  With this impending rush of golfers to the Myrtle Beach golf rates area, you would think all is well in the local golf industry There is a lot of money in the Myrtle Beach golf packages market. Unfortunately, like any other opportunity, this can bring out scam artists and bad business practices.Don't get stuck with hidden charges on your golf packages. Myrtle Beach discount golf package resellers don't always have your best interest in mind. Here are five things to be aware of before booking your next golf package to Myrtle Beach.
  Myrtle Beach Golf Packages are based on 13 rate periods. The least crowded weeks are the first week after a rate increase or the first week before a rate decrease. It may cost a little more for these weeks but it may be worth it to you for the smaller crowds. Better tee time availability, and access to second round replays are options during these weeks.Myrtle Beach has three distinct section. South, the Pawleys Island area (30 miles south), Myrtle Beach proper and The North, Calabash, North Carolina area (30 miles north). Try to choose golf courses that are close to the lodging you have selected. Do not try to play one courses in the morning and try to drive thirty miles for an afternoon round. Check golf course locations before you finalize your selections

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